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Astec - New Monair Fume Cupboard

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09 / 12 / 2019
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CV GLOBALINDO TEKNIK MANDIRI merupakan perusahaan yang bergerak dalam bidang perdagangan umum, pabrikasi mesin, alat panen, alat marka jalan dll.

Menjadi dan membuat jaringan sumber distribusi mesin, elektronik, jasa yang dibutuhkan oleh konsumen (masyarakat umum) .

Detail Astec - New Monair Fume Cupboard

General Description : - Brand : Bioquell - The Astec range includes a variety of established and new products utilising the latest activated carbon filtration technology to offer you solutions for chemical fume control. - Astec Fume Cupboards combine high levels of operator protection with practical design ensuring a safe working environment and simple installation and maintenance. No ducting is required; the activated carbon filtration technology ensures any hazardous fumes are adsorbed into the filter. The range features a variety of sizes including mini bench mounted designs and mobile units. - Specialist carbon filtration products are also available where chemical fume control is required for a more specific application. These include Downflow Benches, Specimen Storage Cabinets, Forensic Drying Cabinets and a Formalin Evacuation Unit. - All products meet the latest British and European safety standards --- Range of options and accessories to suit your application --- Wide variety of activated carbon filters to choose from --- Distinctive products – proven reliability, Telp/ Fax: 0251 - 8329302 / Mobile: - 081314210880 - 085718035424 - 081223549122 - 081280742262 - 081294918798 Email : info@  | Biosafety Cabinet
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