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Chlorophyll Content Meter, CCM-200 Chlorophyll Content Meter

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21 / 12 / 2019
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CV GLOBALINDO TEKNIK MANDIRI merupakan perusahaan yang bergerak dalam bidang perdagangan umum, pabrikasi mesin, alat panen, alat marka jalan dll.

Menjadi dan membuat jaringan sumber distribusi mesin, elektronik, jasa yang dibutuhkan oleh konsumen (masyarakat umum) .

Detail Chlorophyll Content Meter, CCM-200 Chlorophyll Content Meter

Chlorophyll Content Meter Model CCM-200 Plus A valuable tool for use in improving nitrogen and fertilizer management programs as well as in studies focusing on crop stress, leaf senescence, plant breeding, health determination, and quality control. This compact, handheld meter provides fast, accurate chlorophyll readings using intact leaves of plants and crops – no detachment of samples necessary! Using precision LEDs that emit specific wavelengths in the red and infrared ranges, the meter analyzes the ratio of the two wavelengths to determine the chlorophyll concentration index ( CCI) . To obtain a measurement, simply press the meter’ s chamber to the sample. Black foam on the testing chamber blocks the outside light while optical analysis is made, and each measurement only takes seconds. The meter utilizes three measurement modes: straight single measurements, user selectable from 2-30 measurement averaging, and user selectable 10-30 measurement averaging with applied sigma 2 standard deviation to eliminate fliers and replace with additional measurements. The meter features a built-in data logger with 8 MB of memory for storing up to 160, 000 straight measurements or 94, 000 measurements with GPS data. Measurements can be entered, reviewed, or deleted with the meter or transferred to a computer. A 132 x 28 pixel graphics display features high resolution characters and on-screen graphic display of data. The meter features UPS 1.1 standard I/ O for downloading data and NMEA 0183 GPS data input through an RS-232 port. Software and case included. Measured Parameters: Optical absorbance in two wavebands. Detector: Silicon photodiode with integral amplifier for absorbance measurement and source power monitoring for temperature compensation. Measurement Area: 3/ 8” diameter circle. Resolution: ± 0.1 CCI unit. Accuracy: ± 1 CCI unit. Storage Capacity: 160, 000 straight measurements; 94, 000 measurements with GPS data. Operating Temperature Range: 0 to 50° C. Power: 9V alkaline battery. Auto-Off Interval: 4 minutes ( with no key press or download) . Dimensions: 6” L x 3.25” W x 1” D. Telp/ Fax: 0251 - 8329302 / Mobile: - 081314210880 - 085718035424 - 081223549122 - 081280742262 Email : info@ | Aksesoris Laboratorium
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