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Gamy Products, Incubator Laboratorium

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01 / 12 / 2019
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CV GLOBALINDO TEKNIK MANDIRI merupakan perusahaan yang bergerak dalam bidang perdagangan umum, pabrikasi mesin, alat panen, alat marka jalan dll.

Menjadi dan membuat jaringan sumber distribusi mesin, elektronik, jasa yang dibutuhkan oleh konsumen (masyarakat umum) .

Detail Gamy Products, Incubator Laboratorium

Spesification : 1) Microprocessor control : - Over-temperature automatic shutout device to 3 above the set point ( SV) . - Audible & visible alarm indicated by lamp. - Over-heating temperature preventive switch to shut out power independently at 78 in the event of the failure of microprocessor control. - Sterilization starts working only when the temperature ( PV) reaching the set point ( SA) . - Timer starts working only when PV reaching to 2 below SV. - Alarm when PV is below SV for continuous 2 hours. - Timer memorize the remaining time once unlock door during operation. 2) Thermostat control : - Over-heating temperature preventive switch to shut out power at 78. General Description : - Brand » Gemmy - All equipment features a double wall construction for durability and good heat retention. The fiberglass insulation and silicon door gasket prevent heat dissipation and maximize energized efficiency. Adjustable fresh air inlet port at bottom and top provides control of the amount of convective air. All equipment accommodated with stainless steel wire-rod shelves with adjustable height. Incubator features an glass viewfinder easy for monitoring lab samples without disturbing chamber environment. Gravity convection is designed for general laboratory tests when the accurate temperature control and uniformity are not critical important to users and your samples also can' t be disturbed by air current. Ideal for applications where forced air can not be tolerated. Gravity convection is driven by vents located in top and the bottom. Telp/ Fax: 0251 - 8329302 / Mobile: - 081314210880 - 085718035424 - 081223549122 - 081280742262 Email : info@
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